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At Your Wedding, Party or Event

Gear Set Up

Arrival, Setup and Soundcheck

Once The Classic Rock Band arrive at your venue, we’ll find the event manager and load in, set up and sound check as quickly and as discretely as possible. This takes approximately 90 minutes, 15 minutes of which are for ‘sound check’ which involves us playing live, full volume, in order to balance the sound and get the best possible live sound in your specific venue. We are happy to arrive and set up before your guests, but we charge an early arrival fee per hour before 5pm if you’ve booked our standard service.

After Set Up

After we’ve set up and sound checked we will put background music on through our PA system and go and change, and this is usually when we’ll eat. You will need to arrange for the venue to provide us with a secure changing room, and your catering to provide us with a hot meal and soft drinks/tea/coffee. If we can’t eat before the first set (EG: the event is behind schedule and we need to perform right away) – then we’ll eat during our first break. This can be quite common at weddings, so don’t worry, we’re quite used to it.

Live Sets

After our first live set, we’ll take a break (usually around 30 minutes) and for weddings, this is the ideal time to serve the buffet. During this time we’ll leave a play list of carefully chosen rock music running in the background through our PA system. We’ll then continue with our 2nd and/or 3rd set.  If you choose to have 3 sets we will take a short 15 minute break between the two.

End of the Night

We will finish at midnight, unless you’ve agreed with us beforehand to play later. Only after our official contracted finish time will we pack our equipment down. We will do this as quickly and discretely as possible – which usually takes around 1 hour. If music is still allowed at that time, we can put the iPod back on for a bit if people are up for dancing while we set down.

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